Scoring your quiz

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1-6 Congratulations. You seem to be relatively organized. Additional organizational tips in my monthly organizing 101 classes can only streamline your already organized manner. You probably have good time management, but again, you may find some useful tips that you haven't employed before. To find out when my next monthly class will be held call Organizing 101 at 940.206.9397 or page me at 214.745.0266
7-12 Uh, oh. You've got a little problem with time and/or organization. It's probably time to begin cleaning up your act by implementing the calling plan. Call...940.206.9397 or page me at 214.745.0266
13-15 If you feel that you've totally lost control, chances are you have or are about to. Your organizational problems are compounded by your apparent lack of time. Reclaim control over your life by MAKING THE CALL 940.206.9397 or page me at 214.745.0266
16-26 You're so disorganized, you probably don't know if you are coming or going. Chaos is probably a way of life for you. And you know what that means? Your life is running you, instead of you running your life. It's time for an organizational overhaul, no question about it! 911!!! Don't wait, pick up the phone!!! If you can't find it, borrow the neighbors...CALL ME NOW!!!
940.206.9397 or page me at 214.745.0266